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February 2013

Real Reels – Steps in the world of Equal Exchange

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A series of 2 min shorts to be released on YouTube, once each day over Fairtrade Fortnight (25th Feb to 10th March 2013).

A free ReelReals showcase with refreshments will be held at Summerhall, Edinburgh on Sun 10th March 4pm to 6pm.

RealReels is a series of films showing the work of Equal Exchange and some of our partners who bring you our delicious food and beverages. These films contain interviews with the farmers who grew our gorgeous Fairtrade and Organic coffee, nuts and honey. We watch what happens to the coffee when it arrives in the UK and how it makes the perfect cup of coffee. We then see what some of our customers think about Fairtrade, Equal Exchange and our products.

Many of the interviews are with women farmers who are part of our ‘Grown by Women’ initiative launched in 2011.

A recent report published by Oxfam, Save the Children and Action Aid amongst others, suggests that by focussing on supporting women farmers, women smallholders can be empowered to improve the communities they live and work in and achieve food security.

Although 85% of world farming is done by women, they often receive little in the way of financial gain or support due to existing gender inequality. Evidence shows that where women control household income the family’s health, nutrition and education is more likely to improve.

Grown by Women products are sourced exclusively from women in the co-operatives we work with. There is also a small additional premium paid which the women use in many different ways. We have heard first-hand the changes the women’s premium has made. It empowers the women to take control of their household finances, to finally be heard within the co-operative and they are using the premium to fund women’s projects in their communities.

In October 2012, Equal Exchange won a major UK Award for its continued dedication to go the extra mile for the farmers they work with in some of the poorest areas of the world. This includes pre-financing harvests, sourcing direct, encouraging organic agriculture, empowering women to join their co-operatives and packing at source.

The awards, organised by Co-operatives UK, were announced at an international gala dinner of 900 people at Co-operatives United in Manchester, part of International Co-operative Alliance Expo attended by co-operatives from all over the world.

Equal Exchange supplies over 60 products into the independent wholefood and fine food sectors, Fair Trade retailers and now has listings in The Co-operative, Sainsbury’s and Booths.

Supplying and campaigning for Fair Trade since 1979, based in Edinburgh. Equal Exchange Trading is a 100% Fair Trade co-operative distributing premium Organic and Fair Trade products to the natural and fine food sector, Fair Trade shops and increasingly now available in supermarkets like The Co-op, Sainsbury’s and Booths. We continue to expand our exports and also supply bulk ingredients for beauty and other products. Last year we supplied Fairtrade and Organic nuts for muesli at the Olympic Games village.


All Real Reels videos can be viewed on our youtube.

Nabali olive oil wins award

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Canaan Fair Trade, a social entrepreneurship firm dedicated to artisan quality products that seeks to sustain the livelihoods of Palestinian producer communities, is pleased to announce that Canaan’s Nabali Olive Oil won a recommendation award at BioFach 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Organic Nabali Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Nabali Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The competition was organized by the olive oil bar of BioFach where tasting is done by connoisseurs and experts from the olive oil industry.

This, for Canaan and the Palestine Fair Trade Association, is a significant achievement especially that this olive oil is coming from small scaled farmers of Palestine, living in a conflict zone, and facing multiple challenges.

This award is for olive oil coming from small scaled farmers in cooperatives competing with single estate quality olive oil from Italy, Spain and around the world. This a real pride for our farmers, and a pride for Canaan to work with these farmers. – Nasser Abufarha, director of Canaan Fair Trade.

Canaan Fair Trade, a Palestinian company with a social mission, was founded in 2004 to empower thousands of small farmers caught in conflict to sustain their livelihood, build hope for a better future, and promote economic and cultural interaction towards a peaceful tomorrow. Canaan produces and distributes the organic, Fair trade and Extra Virgin olive oil and traditional foods cultivated by 1500 small farmer members and 200 women producers joined in the 49 cooperatives of the Palestine Fair Trade Association. Canaan products are sold in 15 countries around the world. Canaan Fair Trade is the first 3rd party certified fair trade olive oil in the world, and the largest exporter of olive oil from Palestine to Europe and North America. Canaan gives back to its farming community through programs that plant olive trees, extend micro-loans to women’s collectives, and award college scholarships to farmers children.