Organic Raw Clear Honey (500g) Crystalised

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Real honey crystallises: This honey has naturally crystallised, so instead of wasting this perfectly good organic product, we’re offering it at a discount.

When your honey crystallises, it’s a sign that you’ve chosen a real, natural honey product. Crystallisation happens due to the natural properties within honey where the sugars (glucose and fructose) bind together forming tiny crystals. Although crystallisation might affect the honey’s appearance, making it look solid, it is still perfectly  good and has all its natural ingredients intact.

Crystallised honey is still honey! It is completely safe to eat and does not indicate that your honey has gone bad. On the contrary, it means your honey is natural and high-quality. Enjoy the unique texture of crystallised honey, and use it just as you would liquid honey. It will melt into hot drinks and baked dishes just as smoothly.

A delicious blend of organic raw honey from Mexico. Perfect in drinks, food or smothered on toast. We produce this product working with a handful of small farmer co-ops in Mexico called Miel Mexicana, Mieles de Sur, and Tzetlal.



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Organic Honey


Glass jar with metal lid


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