Sustainably grown by small farmer co-ops, delivered directly to your front door. Support our co-operative movement and help move more volume for our small farmer partners.

  • Coffee

    Coffee (25)

    Equal Exchange’s coffee focuses on farmers first. That means we pay a guaranteed price and form direct and long-standing collaborative relationships. This has allowed us and our partners to grow into amazing democratic businesses, influential in local and regional economies. Our coffee embodies our collective beliefs in sustainability and human dignity. No surprise why it tastes so good and all in recyclable packaging!

  • Chocolate

    Chocolate (7)

    The chocolate industry has a long history of exploitation, child labour, poverty wages and lack of transparency. Conventional chocolate companies are perpetuating these issues on a large scale every day. Equal Exchange has built an alternative by committing to transparently source ingredients at fair prices directly in partnership with small farmer co-ops. We aim to put the power back in the hands of farmers and make the world a little bit sweeter.

  • Cocoa

    Cocoa (1)

    Our popular 100% Organic Cocoa powder from the Dominican Republic – Non mass balance cocoa.

  • Olive oil

    Olive oil (2)

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Palestinian Farmers in the West Bank

  • Raw Honey

    Raw Honey (3)

    Our range of delicious Organic, Fairtrade Raw honeys from co-operative farmers in Mexico.


  • Raw Cane Sugar

    Raw Cane Sugar (1)

    Organic Raw Cane Sugar from Paraguay

  • Tropical Wholefoods

    Tropical Wholefoods (16)

    Tropical Wholefoods, our range of delicious fair trade, organic, dried fruits, nuts and snack bars.

  • Gift Sets

    Gift Sets (5)

    Support co-operative farmers and supply chains for all your ethical gifting.