We joined forces with Equal Exchange US in 2013 but our two co-operatives have a long history of friendship and solidarity. Established 30 years ago, Equal Exchange US has been credited with revolutionising the way coffee is purchased in the specialty coffee industry in the USA and for building supply chains from scratch that, against all odds, give small farmer co-operatives a seat at the table. Since the early days of coffee they have spread their authentic Fair Trade into many different supply chains, from tea to avocados.

Our two organisations share virtually the same mission and are still fighting to keep Fair Trade democratic and with trade justice at its core. Watch their new video Women in Coffee for an insight into just some of the work they do.

We are now sourcing green coffee direct from two co-operatives that Equal Exchange US has worked with for many years; Manos Campesinas in Guatemala and CEPCO – Coordinadora Estatal de Productores de Cafe de Oaxaca in Mexico. Not only are these supply chains with high integrity, they have an emphasis on high quality and we are proud to be bringing these coffees into the UK market place.

We also work closely together on our Equal Exchange Chocolate range, one of the most popular Organic Chocolates in the USA.