On this page you will find all of our Equal Exchange documents that may be useful for anyone stocking or serving our products, we’ll try to keep this updated but you’ll find our product sheets and various flyers and posters about our current farmer partners below. If you have any more detailed questions about our supply chain, please do get in touch.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2019

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Download Annual Report 2019 (Pdf), 8.69 Mb

Annual Report 2020

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Download ecosystem_annualreport_2020 (1) (Pdf), 3.81 Mb

Customer Downloads

Anei, Co-Op Profile

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Download Anei, Co -Op Profile (Pdf), 4.16 Mb

EEUK Grown By Women A5

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Download EEUK Grown By Women A5 (Pdf), 4.99 Mb

Chocolate tasting sheet

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Download chocolate-tasting-form (Pdf), 0.16 Mb

Product Sellsheet 2022

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Download Product Sellsheet 2022 (Pdf), 12.28 Mb