he small farmers co-operative Cosatin in Nicaragua, has 350 members, 40 of which are the beekeepers that make this fine, creamy honey. It is a harmonious composition of tropical flowers.

Fairtrade makes an important additional income possible for these farmers. After successfully marketing their own organic coffee, this delicious honey is another example of the determination within the co-operative.


Apart from apiculture, the beekeeper families cultivate maize, beans, peppers and other agricultural products for self consumption or for selling. The small farmers are very proud of their land, their work and the large variety of the products they grow. The independence of every family is very important to them.


The beekeepers learn the necessary knowledge – from beekeeping to the processing of honey – in special workshops (organised by Cosatin). The world-wide common bee disease “Varoa” for example, is treated with completely harmless ants acid (formic acid).

For Cosatin the direct marketing of the organic honey from small farmers agriculture means another important success in the short history of the co-operative.


Since the official foundation in 1997, Cosatin have gained great confidence from the 350 families that have joined the organisation from about 35 communities. After the successes like the marketing of the organic honey to third world partners, more families want to become members at Cosatin.

From this producer group: