EE Palestinian Oil and Sainsburys partnership comes to an end

As some of you may have noticed our Palestinian Olive Oil was delisted a month or so ago by Sainsbury’s. This was of course a huge disappointment for a product that supports so many Palestinian farmers. We had been listed for ten years with Sainsbury’s and really valued that partnership . The 500ml organic product can still be found on our webshop and the 1ltr variant can also be found there and in independent shops such as Infinity (Brighton), Earth Natural Foods (London) and One World Shop (Edinburgh). We thank those that have written in solidarity to us and Sainsbury’s since the decision and we will of course continue to work in partnership and solidarity with the Palestinian groups.




  1. Sean |
    19th Jul 22

    Can you say why the partnership ended?

    • equalexchangeuk |
      28th Jul 22

      Hi Sean

      Unfortunately we were given the reason that our sales were not quite working out there, we were actually selling more than ever via Sainsburys at the time but sometimes thats how these things work out. Thanks Sean.