Organic Colombian Excelso coffee

Product Description

Sourced from female smallholder farmers located in the mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the ANEI co-operative is made up of four ancesttral indigenous peoples of the region producing coffee with high quality standards and sharing an importance of sustainable living with the ecosystem around them.

This coffee is slightly sweet, with a medium acidity, wonderful aroma and flavour of vanilla and citrus with hints of chocolate.

“Currently 70% of the employees of our association are women, who are at the service of the communities and coffee families.” ANEI

As part of of our Grown By Women range this coffee helps to promote gender equity in the coffee supply chain, By choosing to buy this coffee you are helping women, their families and wider communities in a very real way.

“We share a message to the world through coffee, about the importance of caring for and respecting the origin of life in order to live in harmony” ANEI



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