Organic Palestinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

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As the name suggests this delicious oil comes from the ancient land of Canaan. A blend of organic extra virgin oils from small family owned groves, this versatile oil has an attractive fruity aroma with pleasing pepperiness. Picked by hand and processed locally in the West Bank, this oil is the best from Palestine. Fairtrade certified.


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Please note: during the cold weather this product may solidify, keep at room temperature to bring it back to consistency.

5 reviews for Organic Palestinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

  1. Shelagh Brown

    Wonderful oil have been using for years.

  2. Yahya

    Why has Sainsbury’s taken this oil of it’s shelves

    • equalexchangeuk

      Hi Yahya – unfortunately Sainsburys decided to delist this product earlier on this year. It’s been very unfortunate but we will always have it listed here for purchase, we are awaiting new harvest stock from Palestine that will arrive tomorrow. (Josh)

  3. Duncan

    Fairtrade and organic, it tastes really good and peppery, and it helps Palestinian farmers. What’s not to like? I came to Equal Exchange after Sainsbury’s dropped this product. Their loss!

  4. Samir

    Excellent olive 🫒 oil

  5. Salahuddin Carey Gage

    Fabulous olive oil – best flavour for salads – beautiful with organic sourdough bread – used to get it from Sainsbury’s – then couldn’t find it or remember the name – found it, and lots more besides!

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